Electrical Emergencies

When crisis strikes we are there for you. When you’ve got an emergency Ed’s Electrician Services are who you call.  No matter what time whatever the day. Ed’s Electrician Services is obtainable 24 hours for your safety and convenience.

Just because there’s  a black out it doesn’t mean that you will have to spend the day in the dark. We happily provide 24 hr emergency service to help you restore your electrical services. We’ll come to you, check out the situation and determine what  needs to be done and give you an estimate.

Our special Emergency Division was founded just for you. We have now a certain division only for emergencies. This is to assist in getting the site you wish and to be at your home you when you are having an electrical emergency. Our emergency technicians can be recognized a the ones you want in your time of need. We are going to be there within 24 hours max though usually our response time is much sooner.

After we reached perform your repair we come prepared! Nothing we can’t handle or fix. With over six extensive years of experience behind them, our technicians know to expect the unexpected. Especially in relationship to emergencies. No one is able to understand the scope of the damage till we make the switch and see what’s going on, that’s why we come prepared for everything.

We’ll obtain your home/business back successes in no time.

Some our most popular emergency services we provide:

  • Power Repairs
  • Wiring for Appliances
  • All generator repairs
  • Sizzling Sounds
  • Burning Smells
  • Outlet Repairs
  • Flickering lights

Our electricians will earn due to the bottom of no matter what that’s preventing your electricity and power from working. Our contractors experience and knowledge is usually what gives us the power to provide  our clients with the best workmanship possible.

With your customer support our relationship on you doesn’t end with the service. We provide our clients in the routine maintenance they need.

So stop sitting at midnight or without power and go ahead and get in touch with us so we will come out there and get started again.


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