Commercial Electrician Services

Leaving your tenants or employees in the dark resulting from power failures is never acceptable.  To make sure your workers a safe working environment and tenants safe living, all emergency and exit lights should be brought up to the CA Code Standards.  CA Licensed Electrician’s main concern is a safe environment for the company’s staff, clients and tenants. Energy costs are often situated on the rise, building owners have to cut costs wherever possible.  Occupancy sensors can be an fabulous chemical solution reducing energy costs.  By installing occupancy sensors in conference rooms, restrooms, hallways along with other areas, it’ll reduce both your calorie and good health costs.

Providing a safe environment outside the building is equally important as inside your building.  Small business owners often overlook installing emergency lighting down the walk ways, however it is crucial for a safe way of exit during power outages.  Another excellent area to provide lighting that is commonly overlooked are parking lots.  Parking zone lighting can often times be the biggest difference between a bad or good first impression on your clients as they may judge the best way your company’s facility is kept. New LED lighting is a perfect choice in your parking zone while it is night time friendly and will work at reducing energy consumption by up to fifty percent.

If your small business loses power, it can disrupt and also stop your enterprise in its tracks. Eliminate the problem by installing a standby generator to keep your companies dedicated areas of work functioning and your web visitors flowing and happy.  CA Licensed Electrician is a complete commercial electrician company in CA.  We have now the ability to provide 24/7 emergency service for all of your commercial electrical needs.

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