Circuit Breaker Panel Upgrade

Unwanted electrical downtime or brownouts could be very dangerous, upgrade your circuit breaker panel and avoid from major headaches. Normally by upgrading your breaker panel might be less expensive than getting a new buying a new existing equipment.  Our electricians will perform top of the range repairs, modifications, rebuilds and care on most circuit breakers. Those also includes larger frame molded case breakers and vintage even breakers!


A breaker panel upgrade is an upgrade from the existing electrical panel.  With all of the new appliances and technical devices we have available to us in the Minneapolis area, we have found older homes won’t have sufficient power helpful to handle much larger demand from these appliances.  Thus, an electrical service charge is required.  Including simply not only an upgrade to your current electric panel, but also an upgrade within your meter socket and wire size between your meter and panel.  Our electricians will handle it all!

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